At Hampton Roads Port Services we're selling and delivering on a Promise of Satisfaction every day. You depend on honesty and timely service. We take that a step further by delivery exactly what you expect, exactly when you expect it. This doesn't imply that we're superhuman or don't make mistakes. What it does imply is we will not give up until the job is done right and everyone is satisfied. George Custer once said, "It's not how many times you get knocked down that count, its how many times you get back up". When mistakes are made, we stand by them and work towards correction and satisfaction. Give us a try, you will not be sorry that you did, We promise...

Why Choose Hampton Roads Port Services?

What Makes Hampton Roads Port Services Different?

Promise of Satisfaction

Hampton Roads Port Services, LLC is a privately held, locally owned and operated company in Chesapeake, VA. All of our drivers, helpers, and warehouse staff are EMPLOYEES, we use no contractors or owner operators. This gives us direct control and dispatch of our employees and equipment.  

Our Mission Statement is to provide customers with immediate, single source, logistical solutions that serve their transportation, shipping, and warehousing needs. Before we first opened our doors, we looked to our competition and focused on what they "didn't" or "wouldn't" do and developed Our Services from there. The competition won't handle automobiles; Hampton Roads Port Services Specializes in automobiles. The competition won't provide drayage beyond Richmond; Hampton Roads Port Services has weekly service to Northern Virginia and provides drayage on shipments with a 200 Mile Service Radius. Match that up with friendly and helpful staff and you have the recipe for success. That's what makes Hampton Roads Port Services different!

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were the business relationships with your current vendors. What we'd like to show you is why you should choose Hampton Roads Port Services. We want to earn your business

Here at Hampton Roads Port Services, LLC we believe that competition is a good thing and we've geared up to win. We're a new company that's hungry for your business. Every client and relationship that we form provides us the ability to serve all of our customers, clients, and partners better. We want to be more than your "vendor" we want to build a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.  

We know that in this marketplace you have to take care of your customers. Our primary focus is serving our customers and providing a level of service delivery that they demand and expect. ​We've all heard that if YOU don't take care of the customer, someone else will. Hampton Roads Port Services is that someone else!